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+sss [userpic]
who would've thought it?
by +sss (skalett)
at 29th May 2007 (11:02)
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Romania is an excellent place to travel alone., and now it's in the EU it makes it even easier.

I went last spring/summer for 2 1/2 months and had the best time.
Mainly based in Brasov (Transylvania) the absurdly cheap public transport system allowed me to travel the whole country, and explore everything i wanted to (but avoid the personalle "P" trains)
In Iasi every 2 years there is an utterly amazing art show that i seriously cannot describe well enough. The next one is next year, Periferic 8 it'll be, and i definately hope to be there. (in Iasi i did also get a dog thrown at me*)
East Romania is next to the black sea, Mamaia is the holiday hotspot but still reletively empty. There is an excellent mud bath which is situated on a pretty much secluded beach, which is awesome after a hard days tanning.
Cluj-Napoca is a massive student area, there's so much going on. The Transilvanian film festival is around june time and is AMAZING. 20p for excellent films all day! My eyes were actually hurting i saw so much. We also went to the Romanian MTV awards, i kid you not, that was a pretty crazy experience.
The capital Bucherest is a weird one, it could be a lot of places and has been taken over by a lot of industry as the west moves in. Still, worth a look, they have some killer fountains.
If you are into the more picturesque/historical, try Brasov, Bran ("draculas castle") Timisosira, Sinia, Sibiu, some wicked castles and tacky goods to be found.

The people are friendly and helpful, the language is easy to pick up and if you have any knowledge of french/german it's a great help (it's really similar), the beers are cheap (try ursus)

*the homeless people in romania are pretty ruthless. you have to ignore them, and shoo them away (as horrible as it may sound) otherwise situations like i seemed to get myself into will occur.

any questions do ask, and check out my journal, there are public entries from when i was there, including wonderful photos. kind of.