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Tyops Queene [userpic]
by Tyops Queene (tyopsqueene)
at 27th April 2007 (18:45)

How well timed!

I'm about to take my first properly solo trip to Montreal at the end of next week (and by properly, I mean in a country foreign to me, for more than a weekend).

I've always enjoyed having plenty of time to do my own thing when I am on holiday, but I've never been in the situation of not having someone to 'go home to', as it were.

My French is, well, rubbish. I like walking around, looking at stuff, museums, art galleries, etc.

I do solo-dine quite a bit, but I've never been to the cinema or a late-night joint alone.

So. i've planned out a few day's activities, but I'm still interested in hints & tips for Montreal! I think what I'm most worried about is that I'll chicken out, and go back to my hotel at dusk every evening because I'm not comfortable alone after dark :(


Posted by: someone to drive you home (glitter_thing)
Posted at: 28th April 2007 03:43 (UTC)

I've never been to Canada but I guess everyone will speak English and French. I made an effort in speaking French in Paris and they loved it, even basic stuff like asking for one ticket up the Eiffel Tower or asking for the bill and then speaking in English after. But at the same time stupidly I see Canada as the same as the US even though it isn't.
Most big cities have free papers with listings of what is going on or just type into Google what you fancy and where and there should be ideas

Posted by: Tyops Queene (tyopsqueene)
Posted at: 28th April 2007 16:48 (UTC)

You must have a much better accent than I do, as my french-in-france has universally been met by mockery, bemusement and/or a reply in english. French in morocco, however, was fine, so maybe it's the French rather than myFrench ;)
(no, it really is quite rubbish :D)

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