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someone to drive you home [userpic]
my first ever solo trip
by someone to drive you home (glitter_thing)
at 27th April 2007 (14:40)

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New York, New York 2004...

At the time I wasn't a well bunny and really needed a break, yet no-one wanted to come with me (pish!) i'd wanted to go to New York for a long time so I just booked the flights and a hostel without a thought. The days ticked nearer and I got more and more nervous. Not from going to New York, just going on my own, being on my own, doing stuff on my own. Well that and the flight, I had only ever been on a 30 minute flight to Ireland when I was little so six hours across the Atlantic, I was cacking myself...
But when I got there I forgot about being scared and worried, everyone was really friendly and I was too excited to be scared. I was in New York.
Everyone does say about hostels being a good place to meet people when traveling but the problem was in the of year I went, everyone in the hostel was on the way home from their summer camps and tended to be there for a night or two before heading on home.
I went out one night to see Radio 4 at the Bowery Ballroom and got talking to one of the bands Oxford Collapse. So that night I hung out with them and they invited me to another gig The Futureheads second US gig ever the next night. So along I popped hanging out with Oxford Collapse as well. Randomly a few weeks beforehand I had gone to see The Futureheads in Camden and ended up talking to Barry for ages ans he recognised my friend from a gig my friend had done in Sunderland about five years ago!?! And so i found myself hanging out with The Futureheads before they headed off to their hotel. Every time I went to the bar someone would talk to me because of my accent so I found myself wondering from room to room talking to person after person, I'm normally very shy, but everyone welcomed me with open arms I felt like a proper New Yorker!
I mostly ate in snack bars and diners because I felt that being in a resturant would make me feel very lonely and silly and being in museums and walking and going to the Empire State building  I didn't have the chance to get lonely. Though I must admit I called my parents everyday (they worry...a lot even now when I'm 26 I had to call them everyday from Paris) and my best friend several times a day mostly I didn't have a chance to feel lonely and lost.
I found myself being able to go to most parts of New York on my own even at night, I felt safe though I kept an eye on my belongings. People were willing to help when I was lost on the subway and the police were very approachable. I kept my alcohol intake to a minimum and my weirdo radar on at night, I'd hate to be seen as a typically drunken Brit.

So yes New York a great place for a solo traveler, better still for a solo traveler who has never been solo traveling before, so much to do, some many friendly faces and random people offering to read your palm and shower in their apartment and sneak the extra drink and compliment your braveness at traveling alone.

I went back in 2005 with my best mate and I'm going back again in 3 months and three days with a gang of us

Anyone have any first time solo stories they want to share?


Posted by: kate (imath)
Posted at: 27th April 2007 20:28 (UTC)

this is so encouraging; always wanted to go to new york alone, and you've come along and told me it's all good. when did you go & how long did you go for?

Posted by: someone to drive you home (glitter_thing)
Posted at: 28th April 2007 03:25 (UTC)

I went 2004 for a week, it was amazing!

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